Wayside shrine with Crucifix

Re-establish the tradition of erecting Catholic Wayside Shrines

Wayside Shrines

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He knows me and He loves me.

Our Churchyard  Crosses

Our largest shrines.  These shrines are suitable for a large garden or churchyard.

Our Marian Shrines

These shrines are suitable for even the smallest garden.

Stations of the Cross

Our traditional Stations of the Cross are suitable for outdoors or indoors.

Outdoor Station of the Cross with ceramic porcelain tileWayside Shrine for Marian statue, Bildstock, MarterlBavarian Cross Wayside Shrine, Flurkreuz or Wegkreuz

Our Alpine Shrines

Three sizes are available to suit any size garden.

Our  Pillar Shrines

A variety of styles and statues are available to add charm to any garden, patio, or walking path.

Our  Carved Posts

Our unique carved posts are a nice addition to your shrine.

Pillar Wayside Shrine with Marian statue, SchöpflöffelLarge and small Alpine Wayside Shrine side by side, Flurkreuz or Wegkreuz Carved western red cedar post for a Wayside ShrineExploreExploreExploreExploreExploreExploreOur Alpine ShrinesOur Pillar ShrinesOur Carved PostsOur Churchyard CrossesOur Marian ShrinesStations of the Cross