Wayside Shrine with Crucifix

Re-establish the tradition of erecting Catholic Wayside Shrines

Wayside Shrines

4193 E. Ore Branch Road, Bloomfield, IN  47424; (812) 384-3813

Crafted in Bloomfield, Indiana
About us

Family owned and operated since 2001.  Our shrines are carefully crafted in our workshop in rural Indiana, making each shrine unique.  Carvings are our own computer generated designs, which are cut with a CNC router and various powered carving


Take a look at what our customers have to say:

"I am very happy with the look and quality of the shrine. It looks perfect in the corner of my dining room.”   Hilde,TX

"Our eyes were immediately drawn to the details of your workmanship. May the Lord Bless you abundantly!”    Jane, NY

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tools followed by hand carving and finishing.  Some shrines feature a copper roof, which is uniquely hand made in our shop of beaten heavy gauge copper.  Each roof takes on a natural patina from our heat tempering process.  All of our shrines are designed to be richly traditional.

"The shrine is beautiful! Our Lord will have the honored location on our property (that he has given us to watch over)."   Jackie, FL

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